Welcome to the Escape From SDinsider Pages!
This is a "virtual tour" of the offices where the website San Diego Insider.com resided for over five years. It's also a Treasure Hunt, if you're feeling ambitious. Read on...

The Virtual Tour
If you just want to explore, there's plenty to see here. Virtual spaces include the downstairs cubicles, the boss's office, the conference room, the kitchen, the bathroom, two closets, and the upstairs cubicles.

The Treasure Hunt
Hidden within the SDinsider.com offices are 13 green Easter eggs. Inside each egg is a clue that will lead you to the next egg. You might stumble across the eggs while you're just exploring, but the Treasure Hunt is more fun if you find them in order, from start to finish. (Here's a hint — the first one is somewhere in the bathroom.) The goal of the Treasure Hunt is to escape from the SDinsider.com offices, and the 13th egg will tell you how...

How to Navigate
Use the arrows below each picture. The green "up" arrow moves you forward. Turns are roughly 45 degrees, but you can turn sharper corners (90 degrees) with the "2X" arrows. If an arrow is red, you can't move that way. Getting around some areas might be tricky, but there's usually a path that will get you where you want to go, so keep trying. Note: occasionally there will be text descriptions that link you places you can't otherwise go.

Why Did You Make This?
Using basic HTML to make a "virtual place" is something I've always wanted to do, and I figured adding a Treasure Hunt would make exploration more compelling. This is also a nifty way to remember the office after it closes. But the main reason I made this is that I am a doofus who has too much free time.

How Do I Get Started?
Easy. Just click right here, and you're in. Have fun.