Salvation Mountain
A virtual tour

This Web site features an interactive virtual tour of a quirky roadside attraction called Salvation Mountain. It's located near a tiny town named Niland (rhymes with "island"), not too far from the Salton Sea in the southeast region of California, U.S.A.

A massive work of folk art, Salvation Mountain was created by a man named Leonard Knight, who had been building it for nearly 25 years. Knight hoped the mountain's fame would help spread his non-denominational message that "God Is Love." (The mountain appeared in Sean Penn's film "Into the Wild.")

All photos in this virtual tour were taken on the scorching hot day of August 28, 2007. Chances are that Salvation Mountain has changed a lot since then. This tour is but a snapshot of a work that was in progress.

Located within this virtual tour is a Treasure Hunt that challenges you to find a series of clues hidden throughout Salvation Mountain. Once completed, you will get a prize in the form of a "virtual meeting" with Leonard Knight. To start the virtual tour, read the directions at the right.

If you like this virtual tour, please email snubblecom [at] to let me know – especially if you make it through the Treasure Hunt. I will eventually post a list of finishers and their comments.

You are also strongly encouraged to visit Salvation Mountain in person if possible. (UPDATE: Leonard Knight passed away in 2014) -- Originally this website's visitors were encouraged to meet Knight, who was very friendly, good-natured and loved giving tours and telling stories. (Note: This website is/was in no way affiliated with Knight, nor is its motivation religious.)

If you'd like more background and biographical information about the mountain and its creator, here is another Web site that is recommended. This article from the San Diego Union-Tribune is also very good.


turn left 45 degrees move forward turn right 45 degrees

How to navigate:
A photo of your view will appear at left. Above is a compass.

Use the arrows to move. Left/right arrows pivot you 45 degrees. The center arrow moves you forward – if there's someplace to go.

Descriptive text written here might be useful for solving the Treasure Hunt.

Start the virtual tour!